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Addiction Recovery

A Group Healing Plan for Recovering Families

Addiction Recovery Has Many Paths–Don’t Be Afraid to Take Several of Them

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) Online

ACA Red Book Twelve Steps

Emotional Sobriety: Becoming Friends & Lovers (The First Blog-Nov.2004)

Twelve Steps: Recovery is a Return to Sanity

Childhood Trauma

Addiction is the Bandage. Childhood Trauma is the Wound.


Codependency Recovery

Peer Groups

How to Start and Grow a Recovery Peer Group

Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Books to Help You Become Stress Free: Add to Your Library for Stress Reduction

High Energy Life 12 Week Plan


A Relationship Blog for Recovering People


The Free Road: Reparenting Ourselves and Others

Self-Discovery Journey

Change Your Focus: Change Your Life

Increasing Self-Esteem Frees Up Addictions

Learning Your Labels

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Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest, and Blogs Can be Interconnected

Kathy Berman Social Marketing

WordPress Landing Pages Can be Your Social Media Hub


Gratitude is the Only True Gift We Have For God

Our Online Retreat: A Place to Strengthen Our Faith

The Five Blogs I Created to Teach Blogging

Use Your Favorite Blogs to Share Ideas

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How to Create a Blog Empire

A Coral Cay Blog for Selling

My Coral Cay Blog