Codependency Recovery Ezine

Ezines are like ebooks in that they are digital. But ezines are different because they can contain links to other sources. Because I am a content curator, I need to be able to give other authors’ links to their work. Also, because ezines are online, I can include photos to add to the article.

This ezine contains the following topics:

  1. It is Hard to Accept That Your Childhood Included Any Kind of Abuse
  2. Codependency was Our Survival in a Troubled Family
  3. Our Core Beliefs Set in Childhood Have to Change in Recovery
  4. Finding Peace Begins With Learning How to Quiet Your Mind
  5. Create a List of Healing Methods That Help You When It All comes Off the Rails
  6. Self Care Includes Learning Not to Betray Yourself
  7. The First Addiction You Chose in Recovery Probably Isn’t Your Primary Addiction
  8. Codependency Recovery Begins With These Basic Behavior Patterns
  9. Creativity is a Bridge Toward Healing
  10. PTSD can be Healed by Learning to Live in the Moment
  11. TA (Transactional Analysis) was the Way I Found My Inner Child
  12. Relationships Become Deeper in Codependency Recovery
  13. ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) Teaches Us About Our Childhood
  14. Practice of Continuing Codependency Recovery
  15. We Live in a Codependency Society So Ingrained It is Ignored
  16. The Good News About Codependency Recovery
  17. Why Everyone Needs Codependency Recovery
  18. Section for adding the future articles

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