I Will Create and Maintain Your Blog as Your Social Media Hub

Screen-Shot-2013-06-18-at-1.53.20-PM-tmThe social media popularity is proving what I have suspected for a couple of years–that blogs are too long to sustain continued growth. The bloggers who are evolving to include Twitter, Facebook, and other media will continue to sustain a readership. Vine, Instragram, and You Tube all give us added video links to support our blog posts.

So, although I create a wordpress.com blog for you as your social media hub, I advocate spending your energy and/or money maintaining the other social media added to your blog. Therefore, the blog becomes the landing pages and/or platform for your business. By adding other links from other sources, you give customers the opportunity to click through to another of your sites as opposed to clicking through to someone else’s sit

I have over 30 blogs but 22 main ones. I have put them all on one blog so you can see them on one page. Kathy Berman’s Main Blogs for 2015.

My email is changemaker.kathy@gmail.com.

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