Peer Groups Can Help Us to Overcome Many Of Life’s Problems

9508192115_33dc84cb7d_bHaving been a teacher and counselor in addiction/mental health for over 30 years, I know that most people love to learn about themselves. I realized that many of the labels used by counselors are unknown to all the people who never attend therapy. So, in 1990,  I took these labels and developed a short test that will teach anyone 10 of his/her labels.

As individuals, we sometimes choose paths that are harmful to us. To get off that path and onto a new path takes exploration and experimentation.

My test, the Changemaker Test, offers education for self-discovery as I believe that change within a person involves the courage to see (insight) and the courage to act (action). Therefore by using the labels to change themselves, the changemaker is the person who decides to learn and make the change happen.

The test of 25 personality traits include the categories of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), birth order, family roles, emotional energy, and MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). By learning our personality traits, we can determine the positives about ourselves to enrich our self-image. The Changemaker Test is meant to be the starting point for self-discovery.

In compiling this test, the answers, and explanations, I know that people with a desire to help others can use these tools to help any who want to continue with self-discovery.This test and related materials are available free at Finding Our Passion.

Groups are the recognized best method for people to gain information and acceptance from others. One of the main underpinings of AA is that all members are peers. Anyone has the opportunity to share and to be heard.

Changemaker groups are grow groups as the members have a desire for self-discovery. The groups may be a group who never formally meet but instead are joined together in a  virtual site online. . They may choose to come together by some basic personality labels in common. They also may exchange email addresses, instant messaging addresses or meet in a chat room.

Through Changemaker Groups, we provide short-term specialized direction and solutions to help others to better understand themselves and ourselves.. With this direction and self-knowledge others will learn to implement techniques designed to lead to greater self-mastery.

In Changemaker groups, the group leader leads only by getting the group together. By caring for others, the group members can learn as well as teach self-discovery. The group leader/leaders may choose to charge or ask for donations to pay for the meeting room and materials.

I have a separate blog about creating small recovery peer-based recovery groups, How to Start and Grow a Recovery Peer Group Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope.