Many Great Bloggers Include Blog Links to Posts/Articles They Love

f15bc5871a4eeeef6f1a2bd3c017b21dI love the quick links that bloggers provide when they find great posts. They don’t fit into a neat category or index and I love the randomness the most.

1.  From  The Art of Simple: “Weekend Links”:  by Tsh

2.  From Dooce: “Stuff I found while looking around“:

Liv and Phileas’ photo stream on flickr. Coco is super jealous.

– How Much Caffeine Before I End Up in the E.R.?

– What If the World’s Soil Runs Out?

A rough calculation of current rates of soil degradation suggests we have about 60 years of topsoil left. Some 40% of soil used for agriculture around the world is classed as either degraded or seriously degraded – the latter means that 70% of the topsoil, the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone.

– Hilarious bad lip reading of NFL players

– Los Angeles Overreacts to Cold Temperatures

– Andrew Sullivan’s quote for the day:

Every straight person already knows everything important there is to know about a gay person’s needs and loves and lives. Just look in the mirror. We are human before we are gay or straight. We are you.

– The Inspiration Archive, collected by Teodorik

– This is hilarious, but now I’m going to have nightmares for, oh, the rest of my life.

– 2013 New Years resolutions illustrated

– I can guarantee you that before this happened not one of these three people ever left a bad tip.

– This. This is for Cami.

– Max Sebald’s Writing Tips: You sometimes need to magnify something, describe it amply in a roundabout way. And in the process you discover something.

3.  From The Daily Muse: “Best of the Web-February 16, 2014“:

Work Hard

  • I Followed My Own Productivity Advice for a Week (Fast Company)
  • How to Get Past the Excuses That Are Holding You Back (Alexandra Franzen)
  • What to Do if You’re Stumped During an Interview (POPSUGAR)
  • 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Boss Knows Just How Awesome You Are (The Daily Muse)

Live Smart

Play Often

  • How to Watch the Sochi Olympics Online Without a Cable Account(Lifehacker)
  • Personalized Print Guides for Showing Your Friends Around New Cities(Springwise)
  • How to Bring Paris Into the Bedroom (and Other Breakfast in Bed Ideas)(Fathom)
  • 5 Fabulous (and Cheap!) Work Looks From Refinery29 (The Daily Muse)

Business Blogs Help Us to Expand Our Big Picture Overview

496631023_5d8e50a068_zAbout creativity--From Fast Company– “Can Creativity Really be Taught?“:

But what’s all this hoopla about creativity about? Can it really be learned? Gerard Puccio, chairman of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College seems to think so. “You are seeing more attention to creativity at universities,” according to Puccio. “The marketplace is demanding it.”

A partner at the publishing company FourSight, Puccio has created a four-prong method used by businesses and in classrooms to help promote and demystify the creative process. According to FourSight, individuals each tend to gravitate toward one of four of these steps as their primary mode of thinking. Understanding which one of these four steps you most gravitate toward, according to them, can help you and your team strike a better balance:


This involves identifying the problem or challenge at hand. Knowing what question to ask is key so that you know what problem you’re addressing. “If you don’t have the right frame for the situation, it’s difficult to come up with a breakthrough,” says Puccio


“Ideating” is just a bit of puffery for what’s essentially brainstorming or throwing ideas out there.


When you enter the stage of developing, you’re building out potential solutions. Part of this process may very well involve failing and having to start from square one. Be prepared.


Convincing others that your idea is worth its salt is where implementing comes into play.

While creativity itself can’t be taught, proponents of creative studies programs believe they can offer techniques that get you thinking in new and exciting ways.

About branding–From Entrepreneur-“The Pitfalls of Personal Branding” by Steve Tobak:

One of the key tenets of personal branding is to build an identity that stands out and gets noticed. At least, that’s the theory. The problem is that the pursuit of attention can be a slippery slope that ends with your virtual persona doing serious damage to your real reputation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so you don’t end up making the biggest mistake of your life without even realizing it:

The internet is forever. I just don’t know how else to say this in a way that really gets through to people. If you wouldn’t want it to show up anytime someone Googles your name between now and the end of time, don’t say it, do it, or post it.

Not all PR is good PR. Not only is the age-old rule “any PR is good PR” not true, it’s even less true today than it’s ever been. Don’t believe me? Some day I’ll have to tell you how I once got Bill Gates really POed and nearly destroyed a key relationship with Microsoft.

Keep your dysfunctions where they belong … buried in your subconscious. We all have issues, but some people insist on taking them out and displaying them to everyone wherever they go. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Promote your genuine talents, not your delusions of grandeur. One of the Vanderpump Rules people gets up on tables and sings every chance she gets. The only problem is she has a terrible voice, at least in my opinion. It’s great to have aspirations, but there are smarter ways to explore your potential than doing it in front of a million viewers.

Try not to be ludicrous. You can proclaim yourself a social media guru (like you’re the only one), the CEO of a one-person company, or an entrepreneur because you once sold a comic book on eBay. It’s annoying, but not career-threatening.

About working from home–From the home page of Workshifting:

  • Work is no longer tied to an office or a cubicle. We are more connected than ever. It’s just as common to work from coffee shops, hotels, airports and home, as it is to work from the office. We are here to provide you with the tools, tricks and tips to effectively work from anywhere.
    Over 80% of employees say they maintain a better work-life balance by telecommuting. We know we do!
    By encouraging workshifting, employers can lower real estate, turnover and absenteeism costs, while increasing employee productivity. Employers can reduce their carbon footprint and fuel usage, saving employees thousands of dollars every year in commuting costs while attracting the best and the brightest, regardless of where they live.

WordPress Themes to Use For Your Landing Pages

4731898939_e972eb3594_zBloggers need to learn ways to grow his/her audience. Social media offers many avenues to market blogs. For those of you who are confused by social media, I will be posting articles and/or posts that explain which social media tools will help you to do whatever you choose to do.

For your social media hub–your landing pages–should be a free blog from wordpress. I have over 20 blogs and have done each with a different theme to show you some of the many choices you have for how your blog looks.

The wordpress themes I’ve used:

The two blogs I have created to show you a social media hub.

WordPress Landing Pages Can Be Your Social Media Hub uses Confitby Automattic theme.

Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest, and Blogs Can Be Interconnecteduses Visual by Devin Price theme.

All the following blogs use the same theme, Mystique bydigitalnature.. They each have a different header photo for an individual look.

Emotional Sobriety: Becoming Friends & Lovers (The First and Main Blog-Nov. 2004)

Finding Your Passion: Learn How to be Happy, Joyous and Free

Books to Help You Become Stress Free: Add to Your Library for Stress Reduction

High Energy Fitness: Positive Energy Comes From Positive Choices

Our Online Retreat: A Place to Strengthen Our Faith

The Free Road: Reparenting Ourselves and Others

Twelve Steps: Recovery is a Return to Sanity

How to Start and Grow A Recovery Peer Group

For the five blogs I created to teach blogging—I used the theme,Mystique by digitalnature. But for these five blogs, because they were part of the set of five blogs, I further tied them together by using boat photos for each of the five blogs.

Blog Overview

Coral Cay Blogs

How to Build a Blog Empire

A Coral Cay Blog for Selling

My Coral Cay Blog

I used other themes for the following:

Gratitude is the Only Gift We Have For God uses Connectionstheme.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) Online uses Digg 3 Column theme.

ACA Red Book Twelve Steps uses Spring Loaded theme.

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Learn How to Build Real Connections From Your Blog

5068882947_1c710329f2_z (1)Kathy Berman Social Marketing recommends that you use a free wordpress blog as your social media hub. The following post tells you how easy it is to build lasting relationships from your blog.

From Aaron Lees’s blog: 3 tips for building real connections through your blog:

These three simple tips will help you build a successful blog through relationships with influential bloggers:

1) Interact On Social Networks

You probably already know how valuable social networks are for sharing your content. But, do you understand the value of sharing the content of influential bloggers with your own audience? Many beginner bloggers fear retweeting and sharing content on a social level. They tend to worry about losing their audience to another site because they prefer the other blogger’s content instead.

However, in order to establish and maintain real relationships, you need to have fresh content published on your site consistently. This content doesn’t have to be your own. It just needs to be relevant to your industry, and bring value to your readers. Sharing valuable content published by influential bloggers gives your readers a different perspective on industry topics. It also tells your audience that you care more about proving them with resources of value than being the number one blog. They’ll appreciate this and keep coming back for more.

2) Interact with Comments

Whenever you find a blog relevant to your niche, you should interact with that blogger. If he/she is an influential blogger, you need to interact with them as much as you possibly can. Commenting is a very efficient way of engaging directly with influential bloggers, as well as their audiences. As long as your comments are relevant to the blog post, and thought-provoking, they will provide you with  forum. This forum gives you the ability to communicate with the blogger on a much deeper level than retweets, likes and shares. Soon, the audiences of these influential bloggers will also come to consider you an industry leader, and hop on over to your blog to continue reading what you have to share.

3) Publish Link Roundups

What is a link roundup? Generally, it’s just a list of links to relevant, thought-provoking posts that the blog owner wants to promote to their own audience. These link roundups increase your site rankings because they create valuable, relevant backlinks to your blog. Also, if the link roundup is posted by an influential blogger, many of their readers will visit your blog simply because they trust this blogger. As long as your content brings value to their lives, they will soon have the same real connections with you through your blog as well.

Author Bio: This content was created by Chad Goulde. Chad is a content marketing geek for The Blog BuildersClick here to learn more tips for building real connections for a successful blog.

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About Coral Cay Plantation Blogs

Lorikeet in flight by aussiegall
Lorikeet in flight by aussiegall

I live in a community of over 800 homes which was an over 55 park and has been changed to allow younger residents. I’m glad because I think a mix of young and older is good for everyone. A year ago, I created a blog about blogging named Coral Cay Blogs. I have a need for income and was disappointed to not have anyone much interested in blogging.

I have a need for income this year that is more urgent as I am being divorced at age 68 with only Social Security as income. I know that would terrify many people but I gave my life to the God of my understanding over 32 years ago. So I know that He has a plan for me. I also know that it will be in service to others. And I know that I give in because I have a need to help others. He always supplies my needs and sometimes He gives me what I want also.

I have a burning desire to help others. But I know that they have to find me. If I go looking, I may be getting more than I bargain for. So I create and work everyday toward being able to help someone either with stress relief, relaxation techniques, addiction recovery, or with blogging.

I love all these topics. From my main blog,, I have created 5 other blogs. So I don’t want to start another blog. Instead I’m combining all the topics in this blog. I will be writing about writing in order to encourage others to begin. The beautiful thing about a blog is that it can be anything you want it to be.

Please tell your friends about Coral Cay Blogs. it will be easy to follow and be meant as a place where new bloggers can get ideas.