Addiction Recovery Has Emerging Voices About the Nature of Addiction

Our basic understanding of addiction rests on the experiment where the rat had two bottles to choose: one with plain water and one with heroin added. The rat chose the heroin water. But another experiment added a park for the rat to feel a sense of community. And the rat rarely chose the drugged water. What was learned in the rat park experiment was that we choose drugs when we don’t have the feeling of connection to community.

What the rat park experiment introduced into this addiction question was by introducing rats to a park where connection and complexity was added, the rats didn’t choose the heroin water. They chose the community.

When was the rat park experiment completed? In 1978. Why haven’t we integrated this knowledge into our addiction treatment program?

Rat Park Experiment–Wikipedia.

Researching online information about addiction recovery is hard. 98% of the material online is about addiction or treatment. But addiction recovery could be free over the internet. The $35,000,000,000 spent on treatment reaches 11% of addicts. Instead of fancy buildings the treatment industry could provide a real service with free community education outreach. All those who can’t go to treatment need education also.

Voices about recovery:

Dr. Gabor Mate: Why This Doctor Believes Addictions Start in Childhood. He also wrote In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

Johann Hari: The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think  Also from YouTube: Addiction and the Rat Park Experiments

Dr. David Sack: Mapping AA: The Neuroscience of Addiction

Dr. Marc Lewis: The Biology of Desire (his book) and Understanding Addiction (his blog)

Dr. Marc Lewis writing about Dr. Carl Hart: Hart to Hart: drug use, race, and addiction

Dr. Carl Hart: Dr. Carl Hart: Drug Myths Exposed and his book,  High Price

Rich Jones: The Baffling Lack of Innovation in Addiction Treatment

Brooke M. Feldman: Multiple Pathways to Recovery: It Is Time That We Lead The Way

Maia Szalavitz: Unbroken Brain and other books on Amazon; Time magazine articles by her; and Maia Szalavitz on a New Way of Understanding Addiction

Dean Dauphinais writing about Maia Szalavitz: “Unbroken Brain”: A New, Forward-Thinking Book on Addiction

Articles about Addiction:

Facing Addiction: It’s Time to Focus on Solutions

Innovation in Recovery

Recommended Reading for Addiction Recovery

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YouTube–Noah Levine on Addiction, Recovery and Buddhism

California recovery–Recovery Avenues for People with Mental Health/Substance Use Challenges

Center for Social Innovation: Praxis Training for Massachusetts Adiction Professions

Staying Sober After Treatment Ends

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