1. I can relate 1000%!! I fell into a non functioning, empty/numb state for 8 LONG months recently. I was told it is my brain chemistry combined with situational stress (extreme). I am now on meds and want to get off them. I have intuitively known it was healing of childhood trauma and feeling “not enough” since very young. I am totally open to psychedelics.

    This in one of the best articles I have ever read about depression. You nailed it!!! Thank you, I have joined your community online.”


  2. Fabulous article! Describes my journey and yes, depression is feeling empty and numb, not pain…

    I went through 8 months of very severe depression and was told it is biochemical and situational (extreme stresses). I was out on meds (I was desperate, non functioning), and I want to get off them. I agree with everything you say, I also had severe childhood trauma and felt “not enough”. I have joined your online community and want to try psychedelics. Thank you for an outstanding take on depression that is right-on accurate.


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