As Your Healing Grows Your Self Respect Deepens

From Rejecting This One Word Started My Tectonic Mental Health Shift:

SURVIVOR PRO TIP: Don’t deal with anyone who doesn’t always treat you with respect or kindness. The first time you catch somebody being rude you may mute them in your brain. Get them out of your life. Do it with zeal and quickness. You need not buy into a negative comment to reject the one who made it. And I encourage you to do just that, move away from people who are hurtful no matter who they are or what role they play in your life. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Eventually you’ll only know nice people whose company you always enjoy.

The Magic of Boundaries

I’m still alive today because I learned to set boundaries with the people closest to me. It started small and evolved into me having no contact whatsoever with my family for about 30 years and counting. That process was painful as hell, but nowhere near as bad as remaining among them. I would’ve died long ago.

My life is beautiful now. Mean people can’t get near me and it’s bliss. That’s my second survivor pro tip below.

Ending up back in the garden, as I have, started with baby steps. But my awakening was an epiphany. I noticed my whole gene pool echoing that one excruciating word. Thinking back on it their faces are a swirling mass of rejection and disdain. I parted ways with my entire family to stop hearing the constant refrain of their passive-aggressive mantra:

“You’re hypersensitive.”

Before then my brain couldn’t begin to heal, not until I became an [e]scape[d]goat. I would never have found my equanimity within my family’s context.

I noticed that my family loved my sensitivity when it was applied to their needs. It was only “hypersensitive” when it was about empathizing with me.

Rather than accepting a negative label I can simply decide that the other person and I are incompatible. We don’t want the same things. The more I gravitate away from such people and conversations, the more my process becomes one of creative preferences and choices. Now that I’ve found my equanimity life is about what excites me.

From I Learned to Stand Up for Myself and Have Self-Respect — Join Me:

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