Tips for Beginning Your Transition to a Plant Based Food Plan That Will Transform Your Life

Eating a plant based food plan is a lifestyle change. Instead of automatically eating food that you have possibly eaten all your life, you will be learning what foods are good for you based on your natural love of them. Start with choosing the plant based foods that you know you like.


“There came a time when my body told me eating meat was no longer an option. I was suddenly conscious of an overwhelming desire to protect the people, the animals and the nature around me. I was being asked to be conscious of my footprint on the sacred earth and all of life and to commit to the healing path. There was no need for a discussion or even much thought to be honest, it was just the right thing to be doing. Stopping eating meat was simply the first step of many.

I am not someone to shout from the rooftops or to tell everyone else they have to become vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian etc, that is a personal choice and I have no right to dictate to anyone else what they do, say or think. But I do try to live my life by example and if someone else wishes to join me then I welcome them with open arms.

I tried to become a vegan, but I struggled with losing everything I loved and I wasn’t really committed to the full vegan reasoning. Maybe one day I will try again but for now I am pescatarian and happy with that. This is about my body as much as the destruction of the earth and I have to start somewhere; I cannot save the earth and all on it by myself, I am too small for that; but I can live the best way I can and take small steps. Just think what progress we would make in the world if every person did that. As individuals we cannot make great change, but as a collective…. wow what opportunities there are.”

From 15 Easy Ways to Transition to a More Plant-Based Diet:

Instead of giving things up, remake old favorites with plants.

Include plant protein at every meal.

Focus on adding, not subtracting.

Make half your plate vegetables.

Rethink the way you build your meals.

From How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet:

“It’s important to get really clear on your reason for embarking on a wfpb (whole food plant-based) diet. If it’s a big lifestyle change for you, it’s going to get tough at times and having a clear reason why can help you stick to your goals.

Reasons for eating plant-based could include:

  • preventing disease
  • managing blood sugar
  • lowering cholesterol
  • living longer
  • love for animals
  • losing weight
  • reducing your environmental impact

There are a lot of great reasons to eat a plant-based diet. What one speaks to you?

Find a reason that inspires and excites you and get really clear on it. Write down your why and stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Keep that reason front and center to help you stay focused.”

From The WFPB Diet — Full Whole Food Plant-Based Guide:

“Whole Food Plant-Based Transition Tips —

Photo credit: Nadine Primeau on Unsplash


  1. After about 25 years I resumed animal-based foods, listening to what my body wanted, and now have days when I am entirely plant-based for the same reason. Managing blood sugar (and related mood) was harder for me on the vegan diet, and I seemed always to be hungry. Cholesterol and reconciling food sources with my own ethics were way simpler. It’s refreshing to read about listening to your body, thank you.


    • There is a huge difference between vegan and vegetarian. I personally believe vegan and Keto diets are both not nutritionally sound. There are 20+ vegetarian diets. Vegan means nothing but plant based. Vegetarian means mostly plant based. I am on pescatarian so I also eat fish, cheese, eggs, diary. I evaluate what I eat each day by what my body needs. For example, I need 60 grams of protein daily at age 80. One 5 oz can of tuna fish has 20 grams. I also love tilipia. I keep hard-boiled eggs and hard cheese with apples on hand, So choosing my foods is
      very easy.

      I congratulate you on your monitoring your food choices. If I could have 1 wish, it would be everyone did.

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