How I Started My Eating Clean Food Plan

For several years, I wrote about my need to lose some weight. For the past four years, I have been experimenting with various solutions for myself. I don’t believe in “diets” and have known that the heart of my program needed to be fruits and vegetables. Having given up drinking (1976) and smoking (1988), I know how to overcome addictions. But food is different. I can’t just quit food.

But I have designed a food program that is allowing me to lose weight. I used a modified fast to begin losing weight. The fast lasted for five days until I started to show weight loss. I am losing weight slowly which was my goal.

For my fast, I simply ate less and used hot drinks and water to tide me over between meals. But, if you want to reset your body, you may choose to do a detox.

Everything you need to know about starting an elimination diet or, if you have been having digestive problems, The Low FODMAP Diet.

What did I do also to begin losing weight? (1) I began saying two things upon awakening: “I can. I will”. (2) I needed to shrink my stomach so that I could feel hunger physically. Some people can do this in 3 days — it took me 5 days before I felt my first tinge of hunger. What a great feeling! For the 5 days, I ate sparingly being careful to choose from all the food groups. Warm soups and/or drinks help appease an out-of-control appetite.

Our goal is that each person using Eat Clean in 4 Weeks can create and continually change her/his health plan. Health takes effort to maintain. Each of us needs to know what we need to attain our highest level of health.

Emotional sobriety includes healing mind, body, and soul. Nothing is as important toward our overall health as the food we eat. Having suffered from inflammation and arthritis in 2018 so badly that I, born in 1940, had to be bed-ridden for most of the day to ease the pain, I decided to make my body as inflammation free as possible in 2019.

January 17, 2019, I switched to a plant-based diet. I am not a vegan as I eat fish for part of my protein. I am on the pescatarian food plan so my food choices are more flexible. I eat generally 90% daily plant-based foods and 10% non plant-based. My protein comes from fish, shrimp, tuna fish, beans, cottage cheese, and/or cheese.

The food plan you create will be with the foods you love.

Photo credit–Dan Gold on Unsplash.

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