Attachment Theory Followers

I have spent years researching big ideas–codependency, codependency recovery, how childhood trauma affects us and how it can be cured, etc. I am now on the threshold of another big idea–how the attachment theory we choose as children affects every relationship we have. I am also interested in learning how our significant others’ choices about the type he/she chooses affects our mutual communication.

I am no longer willing to do all this work for free. If no one is interested, then I won’t continue. There will be a monthly $5.00 fee which you may stop and/or start as often as you would like. I won’t be starting until I have 10+ followers. Only the subscribers will be able to read and comment on the posts.

Send an email if you are interested to

I will send subscription info after I receive 10+ addresses.

I am open to having a Facebook private group instead of posts or a combination of both. Share your ideas in the email you send to me,

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