Self-Betrayal is Not Allowing Your True Self to be Your Main Self

From The High Cost of Self-Betrayal:

“Betraying yourself may seem like a small price to pay for the benefit of fitting in with the crowd, but here are some of the hidden high costs of living like this:

You lose touch with your own intuition, your inner voice, your moral compass.
You become chronically indecisive.
You lose your sense of self-respect and self-confidence.
You develop a tendency towards dishonesty and inauthenticity.
You sabotage your own success because of a deep-seated belief that you’re undeserving.
You become resentful.
You allow others to determine the trajectory of your life.

You might say, Come on, isn’t that just a little overblown? But if you regularly cede ground to others because you think their opinions matter more than yours, you’ll slowly lose your ability to manage your own life and steer your own ship.

Over time, the small decisions we make that betray the self is like a steady drip of water slowly dissolving stone. The action of the water on the stone is imperceptible in the moment, but over time it’s highly destructive.

So you may be asking yourself, Does me not betraying myself mean that I never compromise? Does it mean that I should always speak up and try to get my way in every situation?”

From Four Things That Will Happen if You Don’t Cultivate Boundaries:

“#2. You will give without receiving

Katie (my friend) is very kind and thoughtful. She began hanging out with Dani who is fun and outgoing, but that’s pretty much all that she has going for her. In other words, she seems to be extremely toxic.

Now although Katie was constantly reaching out, Dani continually blew her off except when the invitation involved a group of their mutual friends. Katie would cook for everyone, provide drinks and games, and Dani never thanked her. She never brought over anything to contribute and although Katie grew more and more frustrated, she seemed to think that eventually, Dani would change.

Dani didn’t change, and when Katie finally tried to bring it up she was met with the silent treatment.

The reality is that a relationship should be a balance of give and take. When it’s all “give” someone is going to end up getting hurt and it’s usually the giver.”

From Self-betrayal and core beliefs:

“The energies have been very intense since I last posted. July brought in much pain and some sudden changes. I am undergoing a rebirth. I have been delving into the pain to discover how it was my own self-betrayal that was being mirrored back to me all along through the betrayals of my twin flame and others.

I struggled with the betrayal I felt. The pain forced me to delve deep. There are gifts in that pain. I discovered how I give my power away to others…how I abandon myself in relationships by placing others before myself…valuing others more than myself…placing their well-being ahead of my own. I was disconnected from my own intuition. My intuition was trying to get my attention, but I was ignoring it. I wasn’t living in the “Now”. I was living in my head by living in the future…what would or could be, but wasn’t happening right now. This had been causing me so much pain.”

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