We Each Have Four Types of Emotional Energy

The four types of emotional energy that we each have are creative, logic, relationship and grounding.

In the Changemaker Test found on one of my Medium publications, Discovering Yourself is Your Greatest Adventure, you will select two emotional energies that you use the most. The other two energies will be indicators to you of what you need to strengthen.

To gather energy, we use either grounding or creative energy. In order to process energy, we use either logic or relationship energy.

The energies are:

1) Relationship energy—working with and being sensitive to others.

2) Logic energy—setting goals, planning action needed and analyzing resources available.

3) Creative energy—looking at new solutions for problems

and possible redirecting to implement change.

4) Grounding energy—getting the job completed on schedule.

To develop energy in each area, we may try the following:

1) Creative energy—we may need to play at solving problems. Turn the solution into a game.

2) Logic energy—we may choose to do some projects that call for measurement, for example, measuring all your rooms to estimate the total floor space available in your room.

3) Relationship energy—we need to practice expressing feelings in intimate situations.

4) Grounding energy—we need to explore our physical world during walks, etc., by noticing colors, smells, sounds, etc., of our world.

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