What Self-Care Strategies Work Best in Addiction Recovery?

“To stay in recovery, you must be responsible for finding your own motivation. Remember, motivation may not be easy to come by at first. It will probably be a very small, timid part inside of you. When you find it, let that part be in charge. Let the minority rule and lead you to a life you never dreamed was possible”      Jenni Schaefer

From 7 Ways Self-Care Makes Sobriety Easier:

I know that when I am not taking good enough care of myself, I start to feel really out of balance, and can start to feel quite overwhelmed. It is in those times that my mental health is most at risk, and I need to exercise extreme self-care to bring myself back to balance. Recently I have felt quite unsettled and unbalanced and reflected that my self-care was dwindling. Among many things, I realized that my coffee consumption had risen a lot, and I needed to return to the calmer, less anxious state that a caffeine-free life. An agonizing headache and the stupefying exhaustion that the detox created confirmed to me that coffee really isn’t good for me and that I need to eliminate it from my life. Already, now that my headache and exhaustion have mostly passed, I am feeling clearer, happier, more at peace and definitely more focused!

From Feeling Safe:

Not too long ago, while I was listening to the audiobook by Pete Walker entitled Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, I realized I never felt safe as a child. I was afraid of the people who were supposed to protect me and keep me safe. Heck, I have never really felt safe as an adult either, until this past year when I gained a deeper understanding of what self-love means. Up until not too long ago, I had always been in survival mode. I had never felt like I had a safe place to fall. I had felt hopeless and alone. I was the rock for others, but not myself.

From An Experiment in Self-Care: 10 Strategies to Create Peace:

Below are some of the practices I incorporated into my self-care experiment and their subsequent benefits.

  1. Schedule mini-meditations throughout the day. I tried this and liked the results so much that I’m up to three 5-minute meditations a day using the Calm app.
  2. Unplug for an hour. If it requires an internet connection, turn it off. I thought that this self-care technique would be stifling, but instead, I found it liberating. Read a paperback book or cook a meal without the constant distraction of email, to-do lists, and internet reading. You’ll feel like you’re in Little House on the Prairie.

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