Setting Boundaries Means Some Will be Uncomfortable With Us

“When our boundaries are intact, we know that we have separate feelings, thoughts, and realities. Our boundaries allow us to know who we are in relation to others around us. We need our boundaries to get close to others, since otherwise we would be overwhelmed. Boundaries ensure that our behavior is appropriate and keep us from offending others. When we have healthy boundaries, we also know when we are being abused. A person without boundaries will not know when someone is physically, emotionally, or intellectually violating them.”        Rokelle Lerner

One Problem with Recovery

Boundaries and Recovery

Impenetrable Boundaries


  1. Boundaries: my lingering bugaboo! Did a LOT Of work on co-dependency—the really hard work—and still need to be careful about maintaining my boundaries. Thanks for this reminder and help.


    • I use a 3 times and you’re out. If after helping someone 3 times, he/she still hasn’t found any way to help my life (action not words), then I move on to someone else to help.

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