Checklist for Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Change

Pain is temporary
Write down your fears and burn the paper
Have a specific worry time
Put your goals on 3 x 5 cards
Practice living in the moment
Become your own best friend
Know and honor your deal breakers
Build a support system
Set boundaries
Detach from toxic friends and/or family
Learn to be assertive
Feelings are your friends
Don’t block helpless feelings
Happiness is a choice
No one can make you fell anything
Find your emotional issues that are holding you back
Anger is a secondary emotion—what is under it?

Keep a journal or diary
Write down your negative thoughts to get them out of your head
Use wrist rubber band for negative thoughts
Do the thing you dread first
Memorize something daily
Identify what you want to change
If your mind is racing, label each thought to slow them down
Count each thought to keep your awareness sharper
Learn to be the observer of your thought
Visualize bright light starting from the base of your spine and moving up to the crown of your head
Don’t be on auto pilot—take charge of your thoughts
Learning to not judge your own thoughts frees up energy
Learn to think the exact opposite of what you are assuming—I call it the 180 degree thought—go to the opposite side

Walk somewhere
Have balanced food program
Work out either at a gym or at home
Take up an outdoor physical hobby
Join a group of walkers, climbers, hikers, etc.

Spend 20 minutes daily learning how to refocus your attention
Do a full body scan to check for physical signs of blockage
Use deep breathing to stop panic attacks
Learn how to center yourself mentally to live in the here and now
The Four Agreements
Guided meditations

Only buy what you truly love
Select a life mantra
Be honest all the time
Get a library card
Learn to live frugally
Join new clubs like Meet-ups
Declutter one room at a time
Plan for your next risk-taking experience
Organize your paperwork
Stand straighter
Walk faster


  1. There are some great ideas here. I’ve been dealing with some right hip nagging pain lately that gets worse when I walk and I love walking in the arboretum near my home. I’ve been confused about fighting the pain and go ahead with walking but it’s been getting unbearable so I wasn’t sure if I’m making it worse. The muscle around the hip starts contracting but I think it’s my bodies way of protecting the inflammation. I had to lay off a few days and I’m not happy about it.
    I always kind have thought that pain is a detector of illness and I guess I associate illness with things that I’ve not worked through. Do you have an opinion about this Kberman? I would like your take on it?


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