Routine and Discipline are Essential for Long Term Addiction Recovery

Poor sleeping for a period of time
Not wanting to eat
Gaining or losing weight
Feelings of having no hope for the future
Trouble focusing or concentrating
Thoughts of suicide or death

Keep an address book up to date
Clean your home a little everyday

Main daily job is not to drink or use
Find healthy environment to live in
Make daily contact with other recovering people
Cut out all toxic relationships
Improve your food choices
Sleep 6-8 hours a day
Take naps when available as sleeping may be erratic
Walk daily to relieve tension and stress
Eat fruit instead of sugar
Drink as much water as comfortable
Find a job you really like
Think about nicer place to live with roommate
Begin a savings account
Don’t think about not drinking forever—think about not drinking today
Practice complete abstinence from all mind-altering drugs
Alcohol is our number one drug problem
You can restart your day at anytime
Find new hobbies to keep your life full and rich
Most important to not get complacent
Find your true passion of how you want to spend your life

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