On My Year Quest to Lose Weight That I Don’t Regain, I Find Much Guidance

312427606_defa0dfaa8_zBecause I think of food as my new medicine, I have started to follow food, nutrition, and fitness blogs.  My food, nutrition, and fitness reader is inoreader. Many runners have blogs. I don’t run but I like to read about their experiences.

The food bloggers tend to run toward a lot of recipes. Those aren’t the writers I follow. I prefer to be learning about food used as the healthy basis for good health. I will spotlight a blogger who I enjoy reading in this field:

From trading pounds, Stephanie Cottrell writes, “45 Simple Actions to Start Losing Weight“:

“I took a hard look at my reality, and have been adjusting accordingly ever since to promote a healthier lifestyle. I am listing here 45 of the simple actions I took to start losing the weight. Pick one and get started on your own journey.

1. Eat real food.
Real food saved my life. I feel better, look “weighed” down after I eat. I cannot begin to stress enough how this one small action has made all the difference. Pick a few “convenience” foods and start switching them out for the real deal.

2. Use smaller dishes.
This is more a trick for your visual senses than anything else. The theory goes that when a proper portion size looks bigger on a smaller plate, you mind isn’t convinced you aren’t getting enough food. It works because it satisfies the senses and the tummy.

3. Measure your portions.
This is a big one, especially if you aren’t eating real food. Check the nutrition label for proper serving size. Most Americans are eating two to three times the serving size of foods. I did an unscientific study of this in my best friend’s kitchen—she thought she was eating a serving of her favorite cereal (1 cup), it was actually 3.5 servings. Between the milk and the cereal, this is a difference of around 400 calories every time.

4. Drink more water.
Water is awesome. I know we are used to our sodas, sweet teas and other high calorie beverages. Most people will say they don’t like water. But water cleanses and flushes the toxins out of your body. It is important. There are lots of benefits to drinking plenty of water. You just have to figure out what will help you drink more of it. For me, I drink more of it when I use a straw in my glass. Don’t ask me why it works, it just does.

5. Give up soda and fruit juice.
These bad boys are high in calories with very little nutritional value. It is just best to give them up. If you must have that one coke a day, at least make it a regular. Fake sweetener and the staggering amount of sodium in diet sodas are far worse for your body than the empty calories you’re consuming.

6. Order your coffee black.
Black coffee has 0 calories. A mocha with 2% milk has 260. Make the switch in your daily routine and you’ll lose some weight this year.

7. Steer clear of fried foods.
Food, when dropped into a vat of grease, is terribly bad for you. Not only are you adding unnecessary calories, you are filling your body with disgusting grease. Try going grilled or going home to make something healthier for yourself.

8. Clear out the junk food.
If you are anything like I used to be, I am sure there are little pockets of junk foods all over your kitchen. The potato chips in the cabinet, the dips in the fridge, the ice cream in the freezer, the candy in the bowl on the counter—also known in my house as the easy traps. Clearing out the junk clears out the temptation. Take an hour and throw out or donate every last bit of it. If it isn’t around, you can’t eat it.

9. Go for a walk after dinner.
Exercise, even in small and short bursts, can change your life. Instead of sitting down to play on the computer or watch television, get outside and go for a walk.”

I like this website (tradingpounds). Choose one thing to focus on each day. One little thing will lead you to the greatest wight loss motivation–losing that first pound. Just focus on losing one pound and your weight loss will have an easy start.

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