Red Flags for Relationships

“When two codependents enter a relationship, they often overtly or covertly try to manipulate the partner to provide the love and approval needed to fill what John Bradshaw calls the “hole in the soul”. Both partners attach themselves to the other for a sense of completeness, a strategy that stunts personal growth and development. By surrendering responsibility for our happiness to other people, we create power struggles, arguments, and ultimately broken promises, expectations, and hearts. We can break out of the codependent trap….by working through the pain of our unmet childhood needs and by cultivating an inner life.”   Ronald S. Miller

6 Common Relationship Behaviors that are Actually Toxic & Controlling

Overcoming the codependency-narcissism dynamic

Love Shouldn’t be a Hustle

One comment

  1. I love this. It was so good to read through the articles as well. I recognize a lot and am at all times trying to keep my awareness open not to ignore red flags and relapse into old ACA and Codependency patterns. This applies to all areas of my life. On the other hand, I recognize how much I have healed compared to almost 9 years ago when I stopped drinking. I have learned to love myself.


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