Saturday Series: My Favorite Teachers: William White

William White has spent his life understanding and helping addicted people. His website, williamwhitepapers has his life’s work. He is the Emeritus Senior Research Consultant at Chestnut Health Systems / Lighthouse Institute (bio info here).

Topical Quotes–Introduction–
“In June 2010, I launched the website with the singular goal of creating an online resource library that would serve as a repository of my collected writings on addiction recovery. My hope was to make these papers and related resources available to current and future generations interested in recovery and the recovery advocacy movement.

What I did not anticipate was that the volume of these writings would get so large as to make it difficult to locate materials on particular topics even with excellent search engines for the main papers and blogs posted on the website. The present resource is an attempt to make this material more accessible through a selected collection of topical quotes that can provide the reader a sampling of what I (and my co-authors) have written on selected recovery-related topics.

The date following each selected quote notes the year in which the statement was written. Typing in any portion of the quote in the website search engine should link to the full article from which the quote was excerpted.”
Bill White

Mutual Aid History is so extraordinary that no student of 12 step programs should not be aware of its depth of material and research.

Papers (authored or co-authored more than 400 articles) includes his work from 1977 until the present.

Chronologies contain the history of addiction studies, addiction treatment programs (1840-1950) AlAnon, NA, CA, Etc. for the most extensive source I have found online. I especially like his work with US Recovery Mutual Aid Groups (2019).

Treatment Classics includes treatment papers from 1774.

Recovery Toolkit can be downloaded as pdfs.

Get Involved lists the ways we each can volunteer to carry the message of recovery.

Recovery Rising–ebook available at Amazon.

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