Educating Families about the Need for All Members to Support Recovery

“For almost every addict who is mired in this terrible disease, other — a mother or father, a child or spouse, an aunt or uncles or grandparents, a brother or sister — are suffering too. Families are the hidden victims of addiction, enduring enormous levels of stress and pain. They suffer sleepless nights, deep anxiety, and physical exhaustion brought on by worry and desperation. They lie awake for hours on end as fear for their loved one’s safety crowds out any possibility of sleep. They live each day with a weight inside that drags them down. Unable to laugh or smile, they are sometimes filled with bottled-up anger or a constant sadness that keeps them on the verge of tears.”    Beverly Conyers

How to Support Recovery and Not Addiction–Dawn Farm Education Series

Recovery Contagion within the Family

Loving Someone Who is in Addiction is a Journey With Little Real Guidance


  1. Love this my son in law is alcoholic, just had a black out and almost killed himself self and his 2 kids crash a snow mobile, he’s 41 and has been drinking since he was in his teens he says he wants help but is having a hard time getting it, wants to go into tean challenge,


    • My heart goes out to your family. Addiction is a family disease because it affects all family members. You could look into attending a local Al Anon meeting for support. There are also several help groups online at Facebook and/or via Google. You need support but remember you can’t change him. Only he can do that. There is help all around if he is willing to surrender to it. If no insurance and/or no money for treatment, 12 step programs are completely free. Please above all else, do not allow children to ride with anyone who is not completely sober. This is a yes or no choice. Sober–yes. Any drugs or alcohol–no.


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