Is Your Therapy a Codependent Relationship?

I have used therapy several times in my recovery journey. But only for short term resolution of being stuck. The main thing I have learned about being stuck emotionally is that whatever I choose to work on releases other growths. So what I focus on isn’t as important as getting moving. I know that good therapy doesn’t consist of my sitting around and ruminating about the past. The only thing that rumination and staying stuck helps is the therapist’s pocket.

Good therapy can happen during the 2nd appointment with the therapist offering directions that the two of us may follow. 6-8 sessions will generally be enough to get anyone back on track. Recovery is an individual experience and only the recovering person has his/her answers. The therapist is the motivating factor to helping us to dig deeper into our experiences in order to move forward.

So how does someone know that the therapy experience has become codependent?

Does Our Codependency Help or Harm Our Clients?

What do Transference and Counter Transference Mean?




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  1. Thanks! Your perspective is always interesting. I shared it with guests at Scent Reflections and Untangled Connections.


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