You Tube Offers Many Resources For Addiction Recovery

6134658846_d704fefed3_zYou Tube has a wealth of resources for those interested in addiction recovery. I have listed several that I have enjoyed and hope you will pass these on to those who are still struggling. They are especially welcome for those family members who find the experience of addiction to be bewildering. From the outside looking in to those who are addicted, the answer seems so simple. Just stop. But the emotional pain of the addict has the upper hand in the continued usage.

Strengths-based family therapy session

Abraham Hicks: Dealing With Family Relationships

John Bradshaw–Healing the Shame That Binds You

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong–Johann Hari

The Power of Addiction and the Addiction of Power: Gabor Mate

Trauma is irreversible. How it shapes us is our choice–Joseph Neulinger

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