PTSD Triggers are Reminding Us of Pain We Have Not Faced

“I am continuously struck by how frequently the various thought processes of the inner critic trigger overwhelming emotional flashbacks. This is because the PTSD-derived inner critic weds shame and self-hate about imperfection to fear of abandonment, and mercilessly drive the psyche with the entwined serpents of perfectionism and endangerment. Recovering individuals must learn to recognize, confront and disidentify from the many inner critic processes that tumble them back in emotional time to the awful feelings of overwhelming fear, self-hate, hopelessness and self-disgust that were part and parcel of their original childhood abandonment.”     Pete Walker

Dysregulation & CPTSD–Triggered by Hurrying and Overwhelm?

Dealing with unexpected PTSD triggers

Regaining Power from Triggers

One comment

  1. Triggers scared the hell out of me as others I avoid, denied and cognitively engaged then suffered

    I found that Ptsd at its strongest

    Is also is at its most vulnerable

    Triggers are opportunities to integrate trauma

    Stay present focused and observing the body sensations then ptsd loses power


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