Learning How to Watch Over Our Inner Child

I believe our joy lives in our creativity. and I believe our creativity lives in our inner child. So if you want to relax, have fun, and enjoy life, learn to take care of your inner child. You will know immediately when your inner child feels discomfort. When you feel a tensing up of your emotions, you are experiencing your body telling you to beware. Instead of charging forward, learn to take a step or two backward emotionally while you get a better assessment of the situation.

1.  From “the pain and joy our inner child can carry

2.  From “Motivated by My Inner Child”

3.  From Grace: “Tug of War—With Myself”:

Yesterday I had a tug of war with my inner child who refused to go into work. The adult in me refused to find something fun to do. At an impasse I sat paralyzed. I kept thinking if I catch up on my work I can get some relief from the stress I am feel right now. In my heart I knew this was not going to happen when the kid in me digs in no work that will be done.

So I sat there for a couple of hours refusing to work and refusing to have fun. I finally broke the stalemate between me and me and went to the movies.

I got in my car and just drove straight to the movies without any idea what was showing. Arriving a 1PM I had three choices Twilight, Hugo 3D and Anonymous. I opted for Hugo I figured it would be a little less stimulating than the others.

It is not really a kids movie. It was visually very interesting and the characters were likable for sure. It was a little slow and very quiet I couldn’t imagine kids sitting through the whole thing. Even one couple in our theater just started having a conversation. I didn’t care the kid in me was just happy I wasn’t working.

It is probably progress to see that I really need a break right now. In the past it was easy to get lost in my work. It was all that I knew and didn’t have much experience with joy or fun. I am working to find some balance now.

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