Use These Confidence Building Techniques

Every week choose a different area of your life to take a new risk in. Changing areas each week helps to insure that we aren’t overprotecting one area or the other.

Practice using the reframing technique on the current upsetting things in your life. The reframing is done by you by shifting your thoughts from negative to positive. You may choose to use a rubber band around your wrist of pinching yourself gentle. Snap the band or pinch yourself when you are recalling a negative event or what you believe was a negative event.

Thoughts are called cognitions so this is called cognitive restructuring.

Learn to ask yourself if you want to get involved with the surrounding confusion. You choose to join the confusion (the problem) or keep yourself ready for the solution.

Don’t project outcome on anything. Remember your subconscious mind doesn’t know time so is you project disaster, your subconscious will help make that happen. As you can see, we really are not our worst enemies, but also we are our only enemy.

Find a compliment that is sincere about everyone you meet.

Each month, practice a new skill, hobby, technique or activity. Remember the practice is what makes you good at something and not your initial experience.

Practice affirmations about your new choices to make the experience deeper and fuller in our inner mind, Do your affirmations in the morning and evening for 10-15 minutes at each setting. You may choose to record your affirmations on an audio cassette and listen to it. Practicing in front of a mirror helps the thoughts to enter your subconscious quicker.

Create visualizations of yourself incorporating the new activities you are experiencing.

When you are feeling confident, repeat to yourself “I’m feeling confident.”

This will help to reinforce your confidence level. Some affirmations you may use to develop self-confidence:

I enjoy taking charge of my life.

I love to help others because it makes me feel good.

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