I Survived Hurricane Irma

OMG!  7 days without power–internet. W/o phone for 2 days. Lived in 80-88 degree home. Have lots of bath towels. Thank God for obsessions. Decided to live and learn off the grid.

Learned a lot. Love my life. Missed you all very much. Thanks for your love and prayers.

The blessings from the storm:

  1. My neighbors came together and cut up all the tree and plant debris.
  2. I learned a much simpler way to care for my hair.
  3. After almost dehydrating, I switched to flavored water. I freeze plastic glasses of water that I mix a dry mix into and then allow it to thaw to slushy quality. Love pomegranate. Buy them at Walmart.
  4. I conserved my electronic devices and they lasted 8 days–except for phone.
  5. God has been so good to me that I know death will be another thrilling experience so I believe I will pass–not die.

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