Understanding and Accepting Your Personality Traits is the Key to a Rewarding Life

Nothing you will ever do to find a career, a life mate, a friend, etc. will help you as much as knowing your personality labels.

“It is almost as if we are all playing a big game of hide-and-go-seek. We all hide expecting to be found, but no one has been labelled the seeker. We stand behind the wall, at first excited, then worried, then bored, then anxious, then angry. We hide and hide. After a while, the game is not fun anymore. Where is my seeker? Where is the person who is supposed to come find me here in my protected shell and cut me open? Where is that one who will make me trust him, make me comfortable, make me feel whole? Some people rot on the spot, waiting for the seeker that never comes. The most important truth that I can relate to you, if you are hiding and waiting, is that the seeker is you and the world, behind so many walls, awaits.”       Vironika Tugaleva

Gretchen Rubin has a good personality test that teaches you if you are an upholder (I am), questioner, obliger, or rebel. She has studied happiness for years and places knowing yourself as the first key to happiness.

A quick overview of the above four types from by Rubin is in the swish site entitled, “How your personality affects your productivity“. From that post–

And when it comes to expectations, there are four types of people:

  • Upholders respond readily to both inner and outer expectations. They’re those people who never hand in an assignment late and easily meet client deadlines while training for a marathon and quitting drinking for a month.
  • Obligers meet external expectations, but find it difficult to meet self-imposed expectations and deadlines. (Most people are Obligers.)
  • Questioners meet an expectation only if it makes sense to them. (In other words, they don’t do things just because other people tell them they should, they must buy into it themselves first.)
  • Rebels resist all expectations, both inner and outer.

From Goalcast: “Deep within all of us is a set of tools that help guide the choices we make. Whether you struggle or not, it might be in your best interest to become more intentional about the way you understand your personality.”

“I encourage you not to judge or be a critical about your personality as you proceed. Quite possibly the most important message here is that the path of least resistance towards a life of good choices and fulfillment is the result of you listening to your heart. Understanding yourself at a deeper level is a practical way to do that.”

“Remember, your personality has nothing to do with who you wish you were; it’s about understanding who you are and using that information to make effective decisions.”

Penelope Trunk, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote this: “And the only skills you have are the ones you were born with. So you should figure out your personality type, and memorize what it means so you can steer yourself toward something you’ll succeed at doing.”

Take my Changemaker Test and quickly learn 10 of your personality labels.

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