Recovery is Our Biggest DIY Project

5652914929_80691fe627_zI believe everyone is wounded in some way. For some of us that means we have to face the demons that we allow to torture us. The demons are thoughts, sentences, attitudes about us that we have experienced over our lifetime. So for the rest of our lives–unless we turn the demon train around–we will continue to torment ourselves.

Pavel Somov writing for The Huffington Post reminds us in “Take the 12 Steps and Sit Down!–“Addiction is a habit. Habits are stimulus-response patterns. If you have had any given habit for some time, when you decide to stop, your mind will keep reminding you to engage in a certain conditioned response whenever you are triggered or exposed to certain stimuli.”

“But just because, your mind reminds you that you used to do this or that in this or that situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are powerless to avoid doing this or that, once triggered. So, while you are powerless to completely avoid these mental reminders, these craving thoughts, you do have power to manage these thoughts (through good ol’ self-talk or by merely witnessing these thoughts and controlling your experience through mindfulness and/or relaxation).”

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, it’s something I battle with (addictions) and something I try to explore in my art. Mindfulness really helps I find 🙂


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