My Favorite Relationship Quotes

8175382088_94a11e7732_zYour agenda- “No matter what you do, where you do it, or with whom, at the most fundamental level you are always trying to fulfill your agenda, to meet the needs and expectations it contains—and so are all the people around you.” Martin Potash

About fears- “Men’s fears focus around loss of what we experience as our independence and women’s around the loss of significant relationships. We most fear engulfment—anything that threatens to rob us of our power and control. Women most fear abandonment, isolation, loss of love.” Sam Keen

Intimacy- “Intimacy that’s too good to be real ought to make you stop and take heed, especially when it happens fast. No matter how much you want to believe it can happen quickly, real intimacy takes time. Sharing yourself, as opposed to losing yourself, is a delicate procedure that evolves step by step.” Susanna Hoffman

Authentic love- “Authentic love is a dance with three movements: solo, counterpoint, and coming together; it embraces solitude, conflict, and intimacy.” Sam Keen

Relationships- “You shouldn’t go into a relationship expecting that he or she will change. If you pick your mate wisely, you will both make adjustments, but it’s unfair to expect your future mate to make basic changes. Put yourself in his or her shoes. Would you want to be overhauled or would you expect your mate to love you as you are?” Dr. Zev Wanderer and Erika Fabian “

The purpose of our relationships is to help us get to our destination. When we learn to look at our relationships this way, we become aware of the beautiful gifts they contain, and we begin to travel more quickly along our spiritual path” – Karen Berg

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