Starting a Grow Group A-Z Links Directory


ACOA, Codependency and My Inner Child

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Institute on aging: social and emotional support for family and caregivers

AIDS affected special groups: immigrants with language barriers in the USA

AVM survivors network


Book recommendations available at Amazon about small group ministry by Peter Bowden (Co-founder of the UU SGM Network) is a huge resource for ideas about ethical work and life learning

resources at arranged in an alphabetical subjects index


About Online Communities

Small group dynamics: An inspiring community for small-group leaders

Changemaker Basic Beliefs


Do you need to be in therapy (instead of a grow group)

Depression/Anxiety support groups–

Stress, depression. and anxiety forum

Focusing on mood disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse

Depression support groups

Surviving divorce and separation: support groups

DMOZ directory of support groups–includes 196 groups


An easy plan for 5 simple steps

Emotional support for Multiple Sclerosis

Emotional support meetups around the world

Everyday democracy: Ideas and tools for community change

Normal eating support group


Famous models–stages of group development (forming–storming–norming–performing)


Group dynamics: Basic nature of groups and how they develop

Grow in America–international mental health movement with a network of member-run support groups in four different countries, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Grow in Ireland–is co-branded with the National Group of Suicide Prevention.

Online Grief Support-A Social Community-has a space for you to write about your grief experience


The healing circle online–also tells you how to organize your own healing circle

Homeschool support groups

Kid cultivators homeschool group (a Ning group)

How to get help


I am everybody’s emotional support group

I battle with emotional eating group




Largest online resource center for small groups is by The UU Small Group Ministry Network

Large link links for websites with many free resources for nonprofits and for-profits


Mental health support groups list for Australia

Mental health groups for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, and domestic abuse

Moving beyond icebreakers: An innovative approach to group facilitation, learning, and action



I don’t want to grow old group

Online degrees for counseling (48 degrees are available)

Online support groups for depression


How to grow your own parent support group

Parkinson’s disease support groups grow



Small group resources


About self-discovery

Self-help and alternate therapies

Starting Small Groups–

Getting started with small group ministry

Small groups at Long Hollow: Doing life together throughout the week (Long Hollow Baptist Church)

Grow groups available at Central Presbyterian Church


Topics for group discussions


Using YouTube to train small group leaders and publicize your small groups



Wisdom circles: Self-discovery and community building in small groups




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