To Lose Weight, Do These

10991145516_5281a91e3d_z To lose weight, do these:

A. Our main directive for the High Energy Diet Life Plan is for you to seek medical approval before you begin the plan. Also be sure to take multiple vitamins daily and to include all the food groups in your daily planning.

B. The only food measurements we use are cup measurements and measuring cups of all sizes.

C. Give much attention to the way your body loses weight. I lose a few pounds and then I appear to gain it back. This is the main reason it is best to weight yourself less frequently if you are getting upset by the scale. You are undertaking a lifestyle change. Eating more healthy food and adding exercise is going to help your overall health.

D. The pounds will come off if you continue to stay motivated. This is the third major addiction I have overcome (the other two were: alcohol (1976) and smoking (1988). So I always estimate how many years it took me in an addiction to give it up. For example, with food, I began noticing I was gaining weight fifteen years ago. Therefore, I need to be patient and allow myself 15 years to lose it.

E. Always be sure to have available all the food and drinks you have chosen. Take your calorie book to restaurants and be sure to carry a small sample of your dressing if you like salads.

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