The Basic High Energy Diet

108608624_3d4f9e741d_zYour personal High Energy Diet:

Your list of 100-300 calorie foods that you want to eat on a regular basis—this is the heart of your High Energy diet.

Have many ingredients for salad on hand. I use Dole Romaine Hearts as I can chop it up each day and keep the unchopped on hand for several days. The salad will be your first choice for lunch and dinner. Treat yourself to having the selection of a restaurant salad bar on hand. I use chickpeas for protein, carrot matchsticks, tomatoes and mandarin oranges.

There are 2 tips for your daily salad—always add some fruit (this changes any salad so that even kids like salad) and always use low calorie salad dressings (there is a large selection now of 60, 70, or 80 calories per 2 tablespoons). Always measure and calculate the calories you are consuming. I use a 6-cup container with 4-6 tablespoons of dressing and count it as 200 calories. Oftentimes the salad satisfies me.

To design your personal High Energy Diet, use the following links. The diet includes:

1  Food labels

2  Portion size

4. To learn servicing sizes:

3 Count calories

4 Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center: Part I:I-N – Nutrition

What does 200 calorie look like:

5 How many calories in fruit:

6 Free diet and weight loss journal:

7 How many calories do you eat each day to maintain your current weight? (Use this link to determine the calories)

8 How many calories do you need to omit in order to lose weight?
Calculate the daily calorie deficit required to reach goal weight:

9 Calorie Counter helps you calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and has many tips about diets available and the foods to eat.

10 “If you’ve looking for information on cutting calories and fat in your diet, achieving a healthy weight, or favorite low-calories, reduced-fat foods and beverages (and the ingredients that make them possible)…you’ve come to the right place!” The Calorie Control Council – Information on cutting calories and fat and achieving a healthy weight.

10 For another BMI (Body Mass Index), Basal Metabolic Rate calculator use, lifestyle activity, and other weight loss help, use How Many Calories Do I Need? – basal metabolic rate calculator.

11 How out-of-shape are you? Use these links to measure your body fat–
BMI measures your body mass index:

12 Food nutrient database:

13 From the Food Network online, explains how to manage your weight in three simple equations: Get Healthy : Low Calorie : What are Low Calorie Diets? : Food Network.

14 Quick Guide to Calorie Needs When Losing Weight has many resources explained such as good protein, good fat, how to reduce calories, general diet nutrition, healthy vegetarianism, etc.

15 1200 and 1500 calorie diets using the USDA food pyramid showing the correct percentages of protein, carbohydrates,

fats, diary, fruit, vegetables and starch needed daily:

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