Mysticism Blogs Help Give Ideas for Deeper Faith

5845112807_e51f415e1c_zAlthough I use spiritual practices originally learned from other faiths, I like Christian blogs best. Some of my favorite blogs are the following:

Christian Mystics–From the welcome: “Welcome to Christian Mystics, the site dedicated to Christian mystics both traditional and contemporary. As you’ll discover, we have a great library of things to investigate, as well as the freshness of a blog for lessons, reflections, rambling thoughts and more. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey! Blessings, Brian Robertson

The Website of Unknowing features the writing of Carl McColman — American Celt, freelance author, aspiring contemplative, student of mysticism, and interfaith-friendly Catholic Christian.

Discombobula Sue says about her site: “I’m a 36 year old female from Melbourne, Australia, trying to make sense of the world, myself, God. Yep, I want to know it all. No wonder I’m discombobulated.”

Barefoot toward the light: Barbara, the author, says: “This is a blog for anyone who cares to walk (or dance) beside me on my journey for a while. I imagine themes will arise as the blog takes shape over time, but I do like to muse on spiritual topics, especially as they relate to everyday life — small solitudes, as Mme Delbrel called them. At times, it is my nature to take an eccentric view of things — God’s little smartass, as it were. I hope you can take that in stride.”

Please email me,, with your favorite mysticism links.

An extensive collection of who’s who in Western Mysticism is complied by Professor Bruce Janz. This extensive list is divided into the following categories: Pre-Chrisitan mystics, early church Chrisitan mystics, medieval (Catholic and Orthodox) church, non-Catholic Christian mystics (16th-18th century), Jewish mysticism (links for Kabbalah), and Islamic mysticism. Janz has also included an addendum of terms, trends , movements, bibliographies, biographies, and general secondary sources about mysticism.

Another resource for mysticism and mystics, Concentric, has easy to use links to German, Hindu, Christian, Taoist, Jewish, Islamic, Spanish, and English mystics.

The Four Precepts web portal and spiritual search page has many web links. The web portal at this site has links to eco-spirituality, esoteria and theosophy, groups and forums, mystic traditions, popular authors, metafaith spirituality, self-help and psychology, poetic and aesthetic, news and current events, research and reference, and science and philosophy. If you have a site about spirituality, you can add your link to this site.

SpiritSite has several good writers who contribute to the site. Some of them are: Alan Cohen (“God Will Not Desert You”), Dan Joseph (Inspired by Miracles–which summarizes themes from A Course in Miracles), Daniel Goleman, Dr. David Burns, Dr. Deepak Chopra,Kent Nerburn (excerpt from his book, Simple Truths), Peace Pilgrim, Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hahn, Dr. Edmund Bourne, and Byron Katie as well as many others.

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