About Changemaker

In 1990 I named my company “Changemaker”. I mainly did group lectures while I worked in marketing for treatment centers. although I had been an alcohol counselor, I didn’t begin to write about everything until 2004.

Changemaker is committed to the basic belief that each person has the opportunity for self-discovery and the potential for self-healing. As individuals, we sometimes choose paths that may be harmful to us. To get off that path and onto a new road takes exploration and experimentation.

The Changemaker Test offers education for self-discovery as we believe that the change within a person involves the courage to see (insight) and the courage to act (action). The test will teach anyone 10 or more labels about themselves. Therefore, by using the labels to change themselves, the changemaker is the person who decides to learn and make the change happen. The test, answers , and explanations for the test is free at another blog of mine, Learning Your Labels.

With the use of this test and all the answer explanations, anyone interested in helping others to learn about themselves can start a recovery peer group. Guidelines for monitoring groups, contents for structured groups, quotations for motivation, statistics about the group, suggested times for group, group size, help in helping others to professional guidance, etc. are included at  How to Start and Grow a Recovery Peer Group Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope.

Groups are the recognized best method for people to gain information and acceptance from others. One of the main underpinings of AA is that all members are peers. Anyone has the opportunity to share and to be heard.

In peer groups, the group leader leads only by getting the group together. Then the leadership is shared by all the group members. By caring for others, the group members can learn as well as teach self-discovery. The group leader/leaders may choose to charge or ask for donations to pay for the meeting room and materials. To lead education groups the only requirement for the business is to have an occupational license to run a business. Peer recovery groups are not therapy groups so no other license is required.

Healing begins when, in spite of all the negative self-talk going on inside a person, that person feels someone caring and loving them for no apparent reason. This unconditional love comes in spite of attempts to search for a motive.

The Changemaker basic beliefs are:

(1) Anyone can get on the wrong road in human growth,

(2) Getting on the right road takes patience and exploration,

(3) Small groups are invaluable support in human growth,

(4) Healing comes from accepting spiritual guidance and direction,

(5) Everyone involved in helping others to grow needs his/her individual path of growth and is free to share it with others,

(6) Letting go and letting God means stepping out into an emotional void,

(7) As well as an individual growth program, each healer needs compassion and understanding.

(8) No healer can help guide beyond his/her individual path of growth.

(9) There is neither hierarchy in spiritual growth nor any ladder to climb or rank to achieve. We are each pilgrims with our own life issues.

(10) Life issues are with us throughout our earthly existence. That is why they are called life lessons. However, they do get slightly less painful if we do the work necessary.

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