I Ain’t Afraid of No Id

Oh for the love of...me

When I was in high school I took a Psychology course in hopes that it would help me understand why my family were all a bunch of nuts.  (No shit – that’s really why I took the course).  I got the only A in the class which makes sense when you consider that by the time I got to high school I had a Master’s degree in Crazy Shit with a concentration in Whack Jobs.

I took some other courses in college as well and remain fascinated by how and why our brains do what they do to us.  If I had the money, I’d quit my job and work on a PhD in Psychology.  I would love to one day help people by guiding them on their journey to figure out what’s happening in their heads.

One of the concepts that stuck with me (high school and college were a LONG time ago)…

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