My Myers-Briggs Indicator is INTJ

About my Changemaker Test:

The Changemaker Test was written by me 20 years ago. I realized as a counselor that most people don’t know about many of the personality labels used to help us to understand ourselves better. I have included NLP, Myers-Briggs, family roles, emotional energies, and birth order in the test. The test will give anyone 10 of his/her labels so can be used over and over.

The Changemaker Test, answer sheet, and explanations for all the answers is at Lea1264743824_060cf87cc0_orning Your Labels.

Although the Changemaker Test is not a substitute for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, it will give an idea of what your personality preferences may be. It is recommended that you take the MBTI® assessment amd receive feedback in order to properly determine your type preferences.

Based on your answers of 19-21-22-24; your personality is INTJ.





The best website for information on the MBTI is The following description for this type is posted on the CAPT site and is used by permission. It was written by Charles Martin, Ph.D.

“For INTJs the dominant force in their lives is their attention to the inner world of possibilities, symbols, abstractions, images, and thoughts. Insight in conjunction with logical analysis is the essence of their approach to the world; they think systemically. Ideas are the substance of life for INTJs and they have a driving need to understand, to know, and to demonstrate competence in their areas of interest. INTJs inherently trust their insights, and with their task-orientation will work intensely to make their visions into realities.”

If you would like to take the MBTI® instrument online, go to the CAPT site and click on “Take the MBTI Assessment.” The process and fees are explained there. The direct link is

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