Life’s Change Agent

6215771597_a866512d27_zEach of us has unique talents and interests. These differences are the foundation for finding what you love to do. Discovering our life missions, calling, or career/job takes allowing yourself to be with you in peaceful spaces. Don’t use your brain or your mind to try to “figure” it out. Instead allow yourself to explore yourself and your talents and interests.

Steve Jobs in the commencement address he gave in 2005 to Stanford University told three stories in what he called connecting the dots. The name of the address was: “You’ve got to find what you love.” The dots included the choices he made that later led to some of his amazing career development.

The choices were:

(1) He dropped out of college formally but stayed at the school for another 1 ½ years to take the courses he liked. One of those courses was calligraphy which later became the fonts for our personal computers.

(2) He was fired from Apple but started Pixar and NeXT during his readjustment period. Pixar created the first computer animated feature film, Toy Story. Apple bought Pixar and rehired Jobs.

(3) In 1994, he was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. His type of cancer was curable with surgery. But the lesson he learned from this experience is that death is life’s main change agent.

Our time here is limited so his message is to enjoy it and find what we love to do in life.

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