Tips for Making Good Change Decisions

At different periods of our life, we experience periods of great change. During these periods of change, we need to use a special plan of action to include:

a) Learn to “gentle” yourself during these periods.

b) Gauge your reactions to future events by asking yourself how you feel about this and learn to listen to your feelings. Feelings aren’t right or wrong, good or bad, but are only appropriate or inappropriate. So let your feelings be.

c) Many times we use our energy to try to change or stop what change is coming. Learn to “read” the change that is coming and make early decisions about which part of the change you can accept.

d) Bless what there is for being and let go of the rest.

e) The “blame and shame” game is a total waste of energy. The way to evaluate this is to ask if finding the “culprit” solves the problem. Generally, the answer is no—the rug still needs cleaning, the door is still locked, the work is still undone. Ask yourself is you’d rather be right or be happy.

Links for making change:

1. From the Positivity Blog: “How to Chill Out: 3 Habits That Help Me”

2.  From Pick the Brain: “5 Ways to Change a Habit”

3.  From Letting Go: Finding Hope through Al-Anon: “Voices in my head-Friends forever”

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