Emotional Sobriety Excerpts About Gratitude, Expectations and Reality

1.  From Jess writing in Journey in the Spirit of Hope: “Gratitude”:

“I’m not the type that can just sit around justifying my misery, I’m the type that will drink or die because misery is not acceptable for long and all the justification and reasoning in the world wont change the fact that I cannot stomach misery. I had run out of options other than drink and drugs to rid myself of the misery. I knew they’d kill me but had no alternative, until you all found me and provided me with a solution, give up self-management and start to work for the God idea! YAY GOD! He became more than an idea that you suggested, he became a live miracle producing Spirit with no bounds and all-power! ”

I’m grateful to have a solution today and to have a great surround of friends and fellowship who reflect these miracles in their lives and actions!”

“I’m grateful for the two jobs I’m working right now (transitions are fun!) Grateful that I get to see the beginning of semester through to successful consummation as my last act here at the college. Ah, to leave on a high note of (check) – project done.”

“I’m grateful that I have had a wonderful 5 year run here where I’ve been through some exciting growth, some difficult transitions and have worked with 3 different administrators successfully. That’s an amazing accomplishment for God through a dramatic, emotional, high strung and self-centered girl like me. I’m growing and finding that as the God idea and the direction goes into effect in my purposeful actions and meditation/prayers, I’m able to move beyond that set of frustrating and irritating character defects 🙂

“I’m grateful for new and exciting adventures to come!”


2.  From Pauliesgirl writing in Wounded Blessings:  “A little more understanding…”

“A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about entitlement and expecting something just because someone else gets it.  While I still feel it’s extremely important to count our blessings and feel grateful for what we have, there was something that I missed.  I think some people may come across as ungrateful and negative unintentionally.  Yes there are those who just plain suck but I think it’s easy to forget what a highly emotional and often stressful situation wounded warrior wives and military wives in general find ourselves in.  Yes we chose this life, we’ve all heard it a thousand times.  Being suddenly flung headfirst into the world of long term caregiving for a warrior that suddenly the military doesn’t have any use for anymore is not a life that I probably would’ve chosen for myself.”

“Granted, I would do it again in a minute because I love and support my husband, but trust me when I say, it’s a hard road to travel.”

“Often I spend my days trying to convince myself that we’re a normal family.  I try to stay focused on what lies ahead instead of what’s happened in the past and only move forward.  Judging from how often I talk about PTSD, obviously that’s easier said than done.  Sometimes it’s really hard to just ignore my husband’s rants and let him cool off before I can have a normal conversation with him.  I go from being angry at the situation to feeling sad and hurt.  I feel like lately I’ve been mourning (in a sense) of what PTSD has taken from us.”

“Then other days, it’s almost like it used to be….way before Iraq and Afghanistan stole the spontaneous and carefree husband that I once married.  I feel like I’ve cried so much in the past few days.  I know my husband has noticed what he’s doing has an effect on me.  Neither of us has to say a word but he gets it.  Whether or not he has the capability of feeling bad anymore, I just don’t know.  I intend to keep chiseling through the wall that he has inadvertently put up.”

“So while I can’t put into words some of the emotions that I feel and I know other military/wounded warrior spouses no doubt feel as well, I am going to make it a point to try and be more understanding.  There’s a lot of stress that comes along with this and we all just want the best for our warriors.  The VA is not being proactive about telling the veterans what benefits they are entitled to, so inevitably there are going to be families who are going to feel left in the dark.”

“It’s happened to us and pretty much everyone we know over one thing or another.  I think it’s pretty easy to feel slighted at times when it seems like somebody is getting the 411 and you’re the last one to hear about it.  So maybe rather than being critical or judgmental of one another, we can all do better to keep those lines of communication open since we’re all in this crazy adventure together. ”

3.  From Christine C.Reed writing at blisschick.net: “Do You Have a Play Plan?”

“Water is my main healing agent and this lake…if it weren’t for this lake, who knows where I would live, because she is truly my anchor to this place.
Marcy took me immediately and then we got these great pictures.”

“Going to the beach reminded me of my favorite day at the trauma workshop. We were lucky enough to have a guest teacher, Steve Gross, Head Play Expert Extraordinaire of the organization Life is Good Playmakers.  (Watch this; it’s so well done.)”

“We played with a colored parachute, beach balls, music. Steve has this way about him that just opens you up.  (I, and another girl at the workshop, discussed how we were nervous for this particular segment, and that as soon as we saw him, we were all like, “Oh, we LOVE him.”  Instantly.  That is the power of his energy.)”

“The main thing I learned from Steve is that play is not always about being silly.  Play is about experimenting, exploring, connecting, and doing all of this in an environment that feels safe and allows you to make your own choices.”

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