Using Twitter for Job Search Connects You Directly With Persons Hiring People

3231178720_5e2c1c45a8_z (1)If you are looking for a job, you may be are part of 11.8 million unemployed. Twitter offers you a tool to directly pitch yourself to someone looking to hire someone. You can develop a campaign, use 10 places to market to, use a Twitter tool such as Tweet Deck to follow the traffic, and respond to the ones you like. Getting a job needs to be approached as a job. You need to schedule yourself to 6-8 hours daily spent on your job search.

Katie Leimkuehler has written a great post about this:

Unlike, LinkedIn where everyone is searching for a job or to connect with people hoping to score them a job, Twitter offers you a chance to connect with jobs not posted on traditional job sites like Career Builder or Monster. Why is this a benefit? Because you’re not always competing against thousands of other applicants that massively apply to jobs at random.

There are also two big bonuses to job searching on Twitter:

  1. You’ll immediately get in contact with a real person.
  2. You’ll hear back from them much faster.

First off, make your Twitter profile stand out and look professional. Include your job pitch in your bio along with a link to your resume or LinkedIn profile. Also be sure to have a background that stands out and a professional photo so potential employers will take you seriously.

Next, show off your expertise. Tweet about news and trends in your career field consistently and follow key players in your industry. This will help establish your credibility, expertise, and knowledge.

Now, start the job hunt. The easiest and fastest way to find a job on Twitter is with TwitJobSearch. It’s essentially a search engine for Twitter, but shows only jobs in the results. You can type in the industry and location you want a job and the search will show you the latest and most relevant Tweets putting you in direct contact with the person who posted it. You can also search by when the it was Tweeted, job title, country, city, salary, Tweet frequency, skill and job type, making the process much easier than it ever has been.

If you want broaden your search look for jobs by using hashtags on Twitter such as #jobs, #recruiting, #jobadvice, #jobposting, #jobhunt and #jobsearch or if you want to be more specific try #marketingjobs, #salesjobs, ect. You can also type in key phrases such as “looking for a job” or “job opening” in Twitter that will pull up Tweets that have those words in the post. 

Additionally, follow companies you know you want to work for and you’ll be the first to hear about their career opportunities. You can also follow recruiters, HR professionals and jobs by industry.

One of the most important aspects of job searching on Twitter is to act immediately. Job posting will usually be filled or reach their maximum number of candidates faster on Twitter than other job sites so don’t miss your chance to get the job you want!

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