Changemaker Test

3848307705_4fe2f5f6d9_zA. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Recall a recent party/event/vacation that you attended. As you recall the event, which of the following descriptive words do you primarily use in describing the event: (Choose ONE)

SEEING WORDS–Big picture—view—see—clear to me—looks like

HEARING WORDS–Sounds good—listen—do you hear that—it is so loud

FEELING WORDS–Feels right—rubs me the wrong way—how do you feel

B. Indicate your birth order in your family of origin:

(Choose ONE)

First born

Second born

Third born

Fourth born or more

Last born

Only born

C. Family Roles:

In our family of origin, we each played two

roles: a “doing” role (how we appear to

others) and our “being” role (the role we

choose when we are emotionally upset).

Choose TWO roles that describe you:

Label one “doing” and the other “being”

10. High achiever—does what is right—successful

11. Defiant—rebel—“black sheep”—lots of friends

12. Withdrawn—quiet—super-independent—

13. Hyperactive—“clown”—super cute—


D. Emotional Energies:

We each have four basic strategies for using our energy. We use all four of them once in awhile, but there are TWO dominant energies that we use to solve problems. Choose the TWO energies that you use most frequently.

14. Analyze—organize—has plan of action—sets


15. Evaluates decisions by the reactions of


16. Believes in solutions—helps others to reach


17. Flexible in decision-making—playful with


E. Myers-Briggs Personality Profile:

This last section is harder to do in that you

must choose one answer from each group so that you will end up with four answers for the whole section.

For example, your answer might be 17-19-21-23 or 17-20-22-23—whatever answers you choose will be four numbers (one number from each of the following four groups).

Basic outlook on life? (Choose ONE):

18. Interested in outer world of actions and persons

19. Interested in inner world of concepts and ideas

What do you most pay attention to? (Choose ONE)

20. Taking information in through five senses

21. Taking information in by “sensing” what is going on

How do you decide? (Choose ONE)

22. By organizing information in a logical way

23. By organizing information in a more personal way

What life style have you adopted? (Choose ONE)

24. Lives in a decisive way to control events

25. Lives in flexible way to adapt to life

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