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“A veritable gold mine of possibilities is hidden within each of us-aptitudes, attitudes, characteristics, and traits that once may have been conscious, but for some reason slipped away or were pushed away into our unconscious. In addition, there is great potential within each of us that has never had the opportunity to see the light of day. William A. Miller

I didn’t realize that I loved writing until I began my first blog in Nov. 2004. I soon developed a daily habit of writing 10-12 hours. I rarely grew tired of the routine and/or the discipline. Many of the following writers have given me great guidance and support.


51 Over-Used Adverbs, Nouns, and Cliches in Writing

Author, Jody Hedlund: One Pilgrim’s Progress to Publication and Beyond…An Uphill Climb

Author’s Echo


Bill Ward: Genre Writer and Reviewer

A Lesson from Curious George for Bloggers

Bookends, LLC–A Literary Agency

Booking It


Chapter-a-Week Book Club

Countdown to Publication

110+ Resources for Creative Minds



Ebook publisher–Abbott ePublishing

How to Write an Ebook in 24 Hours

The Elegant Variation: A Literary Weblog

Eye Feathers


Far Seeing Fairy Tales

Fiction Bitch–world of fiction reading, writing and publishing

A Florida Writer’s Life

13 Free Things for Writers

Emotions of Setting Your Freelance Rates

Free the Princess

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

The Freelance Writing Jobs Network: Writing for a Living


The Great Sea: Thoughts and progress regarding the epic fantasy saga, “Swords of Fire”

Gutsy Writer: From Freeways  to Flip-Flogs


How to Set Your Copywriting Fees and Earn What You’re Worth

How to Write an E-Book in Just 14 Days



Jen’s Writing Journey

Joy on the Journey


Keeping the Feast by Paula Butturini


Kiersten Writes

Kill Zone: Insider Perspectives from Today’s Hottest Thriller and Mystery Writers

KT Literary: full-service literary agency

Kudsu and Kindle


A Life in Pages

Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing

The Long Road to Heaven


Living a Life of Writing


Miss Snark’s First Victim

The Mouse That Roared (publishers)

The Forgotten Muse

Musings of a Would-Be Writer


Nathan Bransford: Literary Agent

Neither Here nor There…

New Adventures in Fantasy Fiction

The New Author

Not a Blog


Oldman’s Cantankerous Point of View

Oldman’s Inspirational Thoughts


The Blood-Red Pencil: Sharp and pointed observations about good writing

Pimp My Novel

Prompt Romp

How Publishing Really Works

The Ups and Downs of Publishing


The Art of Asking Questions


Rants and Ramblings: On Life as a Literary Agent

Reading Adventures

The Rejectionist

Where Romance Meets Therapy

Roses and Thorns


Screenplays–James Russell Publishing

The Scribbling Sea Serpent

How to self-publish–U-Publish.com

The Serenity Gate

Smashwords (an ebook publisher and distributor)

Something She Wrote

Speak Without Interruption–a writers’ community

Spellmaking: Adventures in Writing Fiction, Poetry, Stuff

To Stalk a Publisher

At the Starting Gate

Susan J. Reinhardt’s Christian Writer/Reader Connection


A Tale to Remember

Terri Tiffany Inspirational Writer

Thru My Eyes: Thoughts and Reflections

Times and Troubled Times of a Hungry Writer

Tobias Buckell: Science Fiction and Blogger


An Ulterior Motive


My View From My Window


White Platonic Dreams

The Witching Hour

With Pen in Hand

Writing Advice for the Absolute Newbie

The Written World

Written Expressions

A Writer’s Edge

A Writer’s Guide

A Writer Wannabe

The Writer Today

Writing About You

Writing Quote, January 29, 2010-“Because You’ve Got Something to Say”




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