10 Ways to Work Productively

1. From Marc and Angel Hack Life–“I will do one thing today” to-do list. Choosing to one thing well and to completion gives us confidence and peace. Marc has helped us by adding a PDF file for eight small cut-outs for “I will do one thing today!”

2-8. From Zen Habits–How to get a lot done–7 tips to achieve more.

2.  Find the platform that gives you the time you need

3.  Plan, plan, plan

4.  Work smart

5.  Push yourself, but don’t overjuggle

6.  Team up, delegate, outsource, don’t try to do it all yourself

7.  Work smart

8.  Don’t be bound by what others tell you is or isn’t possible

9.  Eleven tips for broaching difficult subjects by Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project.

10.  Using waiting time productively–10 ways to save 10 minutes daily by Marc and Angel Hack Life.

More links about being productive:

1.  From the Harvard Business Review: “The Problem with High Expectations”

2.  From Psych Central: “When Feeling Like a Victim Hurts More Than Helps”

3.  From Pick the Brain: “5 Simple Steps to Start Your Day Productively”

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