WordPress Themes to Use For Your Landing Pages

4731898939_e972eb3594_zBloggers need to learn ways to grow his/her audience. Social media offers many avenues to market blogs. For those of you who are confused by social media, I will be posting articles and/or posts that explain which social media tools will help you to do whatever you choose to do.

For your social media hub–your landing pages–should be a free blog from wordpress. I have over 20 blogs and have done each with a different theme to show you some of the many choices you have for how your blog looks.

The wordpress themes I’ve used:

The two blogs I have created to show you a social media hub.

WordPress Landing Pages Can Be Your Social Media Hub uses Confitby Automattic theme.

Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest, and Blogs Can Be Interconnecteduses Visual by Devin Price theme.

All the following blogs use the same theme, Mystique bydigitalnature.. They each have a different header photo for an individual look.

Emotional Sobriety: Becoming Friends & Lovers (The First and Main Blog-Nov. 2004)

Finding Your Passion: Learn How to be Happy, Joyous and Free

Books to Help You Become Stress Free: Add to Your Library for Stress Reduction

High Energy Fitness: Positive Energy Comes From Positive Choices

Our Online Retreat: A Place to Strengthen Our Faith

The Free Road: Reparenting Ourselves and Others

Twelve Steps: Recovery is a Return to Sanity

How to Start and Grow A Recovery Peer Group

For the five blogs I created to teach blogging—I used the theme,Mystique by digitalnature. But for these five blogs, because they were part of the set of five blogs, I further tied them together by using boat photos for each of the five blogs.

Blog Overview

Coral Cay Blogs

How to Build a Blog Empire

A Coral Cay Blog for Selling

My Coral Cay Blog

I used other themes for the following:

Gratitude is the Only Gift We Have For God uses Connectionstheme.

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) Online uses Digg 3 Column theme.

ACA Red Book Twelve Steps uses Spring Loaded theme.

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  1. I would like to recommend a WordPress theme that was designed specifically for landing page building and comes with a page builder tool to quickly click together a landing page: http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/3804089 — It’s not just a landing page template though, it comes with a matching complete WordPress theme, and you can create multiple landing pages, each page with its unique design, colors, logos, headers and banners, with or without a menu etc. — Worth a look?

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