I am Beginning a Twitter Campaign to Promote My Facebook Pages

3231178720_5e2c1c45a8_zTwitter and I aren’t the best of friends. I went through a Twitter phase and used Tweet Deck but fell off the wagon in one fell swoop. For some of us who are the best of Twitter fans, a little excerpt about the Twitter Hotel.

From Mashable:

“For vacationers seeking the solace of island life, disconnecting from a smartphone and all things tech is a welcome reprieve. But if your idea of paradise is mingling with other Tweetaholics, then the “first Twitter experience hotel” is for you.

Located on the Spanish island of Majorca, the Sol Wave House harnesses the power of social media as a way to enhance its overall hotel experience. Opening just a year ago, the hotel features Twitter-themed rooms, drinks and a virtual community called #SocialWave that guests can use to interact and flirt with one another.

Guests at Sol Wave tweet with each other by logging onto Twitter via to a special web app available only through the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Once inside, guests share pictures, send private messages, see who’s online, find out where other visitors are staying inside the hotel and send virtual kisses. Marco Fantón, Sol Wave House’s social media director, told TIME, “He sees the community as a fun and interactive extension of what guests are already doing on their vacations — showing off their trip using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.””

I am designing a Twitter campaign to promote my desire to do Facebook pages for others. Why don’t I use Facebook to promote Facebook? Facebook readers, in my opinion, aren’t shoppers and they dislike the intrusion. That is why  believe Facebook has made a big mistake with its “Like pages for hire” and the coming instant video ads.

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