Some Ways to Make Content Marketing Work For You

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How To Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business — socialmouths

How can you make content marketing work for you?

Once you’ve decided that content marketing is the way forward for your business, it’s important to consider how it can work for you. Bigger companies have the edge when it comes to producing editorial-style content: and that’s because they can hire professionals to put it together.

If you don’t have the budget to work with a professional, it’s important to make sure that the type of content you create is playing to your strengths.

1. Blog posts and articles

This is one of the key ways that businesses make content marketing work for their business. Whatever industry you are in, you have expertise that your audience will be interested in hearing about. A regularly updated blog filled with advice, ‘how-tos’ and news from your industry can be a brilliant way to showcase your knowledge and connect with your audience. This is the ideal option for you if you are great with words.

Images and infographics

Graphic images and infographics can be a great way to share tips and tricks with your fans in a predominantly visual way. This kind of content is often much easier to share – which is a great thing as long as people know that your company created it in the first place! Make sure you put your company name and URL in the image/infographic somewhere. This option is great for you if you are in a creative industry, such as photography or design.


YouTube is a brilliant platform to connect to a new audience and it is much easier than you think to put together a professional looking video. If you don’t have access to a video camera, there are other options. A good quality smartphone or web cam can help you to put together a video that looks great. This is a perfect option if you are more confident with public speaking than you are with writing.

Tips for making your content marketing strategy successful

Put together an editorial calendar or schedule

Your content marketing strategy will be much more successful if you are consistent with it. Set yourself a target for each week, and stick to it! It can be a good idea to plan ideas for content in one go and add them to an editorial calendar or schedule.


Creating quality content week after week can be difficult. Think about lifting some of the pressure and getting help to create your content. If you have a team of staff working within your business, consider spreading the responsibility for creating content.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a team of people, why not think about working with complimentary businesses to create collaborative content such as YouTube videos or eBooks? This can be a great way to increase your output and introduce yourself to a new audience.

Stay professional and on brand

When you’re updating your business’ blog, or Twitter feed or Facebook page, it can be tempting to stray outside your area of interest. It might seem like you’d get a much better response if you posted about what happened on TV last night rather than something more relevant to your industry. However, it’s not a good idea to fall into this trap!

In order to make the best possible impression on your audience, it’s vital to stay professional and on brand. A good way to do this is to set out from day one what topics and interests you are going to post about: and to stick to them.

Keep going

You might think that it’s possible to be an overnight success in the digital world, but really, it isn’t. Look at any successful blogger or YouTube broadcaster, and you’ll likely find that they were creating and sharing content regularly for a long time before they received success. This will also be true of your business.

Be prepared to stay motivated and keep going, even if it feels like no one is paying attention at first.

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