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3851282893_63fb850e23_zThe following excellent group of links on these pages are from www.enneagramcentral.com. The website is by Mary Bast and Clarence Thomson, co-authors of their latest book, Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram. The website has several free articles as well as other enneagram books and materials for sale. They also are available for coaching.

Australian Enneagram Association, Inc.
As a non-profit association the A.E.A. is independent of any professional Enneagram organisations and, as such, is intended to serve the interests of the whole Enneagram community in Australia. Here you will find information on the association and other Enneagram related activities in Australia.

A brief introduction to the Enneagram. Learn the “good and bad news” of personality and become aware of your true self. Recognize your gift through the use of introspection. Become your best self.

The Beethoven Enneagram
The Beethoven Enneagram CD, and The Enneagram of Parenting (the first practical guidebook for parents – packed with delightful cartoons on how the Enneagram can help adults work with children’s personality traits and behavioral patterns more effectively and creatively). Includes information about Elizabeth Wagele’s other projects: The Enneagram Made Easy, Are You My Type; Am I Yours? plus articles and reviews.

The Carter Group, Inc.
Specializes in supporting organizations in solving difficult challenges in Team Building, Executive Transitions, Cultural Diversity Awareness and Employee Development. This link is to the enneagram section of their website but for further exploration, you may want to start at their home page.

The Changeworks
The source for quality books, tapes & videos on the Enneagram, NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis along with Lifethemes Dynamic Enneagram Workshop information from Tom Condon.

Clear Impact
Clear Impact Consulting Group provides organizational consulting as well as executive, personal, relationship, and enneagram coaching.

Coaching UK – Advice, Links & Listings
A directory of coaching sites, primarily for people who are looking for information on coaching. It also lists coaching related sites.

The Enneagram: An Adventure in Self Discovery
Features comprehensive bibliography and resource list, description of types, bulletin board, FAQ, history, links, workshops, explanation of symbol, and discussions of type characteristics.

The Enneagram Center
Schedule and descriptions of enneagram classes and workshops. Their programs are designed to help you know yourself and others to enrich relationships with spouses, children, colleagues, friends, and the larger community in which we live.

Enneagram Explorations
Features the work of Katherine Chernick and David Fauvre and their insights into Enneagram subtypes.

The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition
Workshops and books by Kathy Hurley and Ted Donson

Enneagram Institute
The Books and workshops of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. The Enneagram Institute is involved with cutting-edge research, development, and applications of the Enneagram, a psychospiritual personality typology based on nine types.

Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio
Provides workshops, training, coaching, and consultation services based on the Enneagram to enhance personal and professional effectiveness through improved self-awareness and interpersonal skills, and to promote integration of consciousness.

Enneagram Monthly (English)
The only independent Enneagram journal in print and the largest publication in the field. Includes articles, interviews with well-known teachers and thinkers in the field, news, teaching schedules and reviews of books, movies, co

Enneagram Monthly (French)
Créé en 1995, Enneagram Monthly est le plus important et le plus complet des journaux consacrés à l’Ennéagramme.

The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles
This website lists the Enneagram workshops, courses, book, tape and inventory of Jerome Wagner, Ph.D. It also contains occasional essays on the Enneagram and related topics. Jerry is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, author, and researcher. One of the first students of the Enneagram in the U.S., Jerry has taught the Enneagram nationally and internationally for the past 30 years.

Enneagram uk
Information about the Enneagram and the London-based training organization, Enneagram uk. Includes applications for personal development, therapy, business and spirituality.

The Essential Enneagram
Lynette Sheppard and The Essential Enneagram Website, provides the Enneagram Gathering Place Bulletin Board and  access to information on the Enneagram in Work & Business, Self Development, Relationships and Spiritual Path.

Goldberg Consulting
The website of Michael Goldberg, author of Nine Ways of Working and Getting Your Boss’s Number, and researcher in the Enneagram and its applications in business and other organizations. Information on seminars, workshops, and his latest work.

Indranet Enneagram information, links, and enneagram ‘bestseller’ books online.

Ingenius – The Enneagram in Australia
Offers well-regarded Enneagram workshops, Annual Enneagram Conference, Noticeboard, products and videotapes.

Institut Français de l’Ennéagramme (French)
Developed by Fabien and Patricia Chabreuil, The French Institute of the Enneagram web site presents a description of the Enneagram and of its position in France: books, workshops, etc. It offers new information every month by means of FAQ along with articles and film analysis.

Learning and the Enneagram
This site is devoted to the role of the Enneagram in education.

Ideas, traditional practices and folk wisdom, which worked in the slower-moving, less crowded industrial era, no longer are effective in the information/knowledge economy. A new world view, a new way of experiencing and perceiving reality, is necessary if individuals and organizations are going to function–and improve–in today’s rapidly changing, complex and unpredictable world.

New Management Network
The New Management Network is a distinctive peer group of independent management consultants who share common professional ideas, understand creative innovation and are dedicated to releasing the human spirit in organizations. Drawing on our experience in industry and government, they put proven transformational change technology to work.

Out of the Box Coaching:
Breakthroughs with the Enneagram

Essays on transformation, leadership stories, building relationships, poetry and personality — many ways to break out of the box of your Enneagram style, in your business and personal life.

Viewpoint Solutions
Courtney Behm, founder of Viewpoint Solutions, is a dynamic speaker, skilled facilitator and team leader with expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Enneagram Leadership Styles. She conducts client engagements that offer a wide range of creative opportunities for professional and personal excellence.

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