Using Social Media for Your Job Search

5440728270_2187f2fb90_z(1)  Using LinkedIn for your job search–Ten ways to use LinkedIn to find a job  from Guy Kawasaki includes getting the word out, getting LinkedIn recommendations from your colleagues, find out where people with your backgrounds are working, find out where people at a company come from, find out where people from a company go next, check to see if a company is still hiring, get to the hiring manager, get to the right HR person, find out the secret job requirements, find startups to join, and build your network before you need it. Check out his “The Art of Schmoozing“, Jobs.alltop and Linkedin.alltop.

(2)  Tips for Job Seekers: How to Catch a Recruiter’s Attention at LinkedIn from Digital Inspiration and written by Amit Agarwal begins with a video from Fortune. Also check out LinkedIn Tips. The tweaks for LinkedIn includes export Linkedin contacts, check who has viewed your account, remove LinkedIn contacts, enable network feeds, check for people you may know, add your blog RSS to LinkedIn, and change your LinkedIn url.

(3)  Keppie Careers has many aids and suggestions for the job seeker. One post is entitled “How to find a job: get out of your job search rut”. One hint from this post is to stop looking for a job and start looking for a company. Think of your job seeking as energy and use energy to get a support network in the very beginning of needing a job.

(4)  Amanda Sundt writes for The Wall Street Journal on a blog entitles Laid Off and Looking. She has a good post about “The Ups and Downs of Connecting Online“.

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