Content Marketing is the Secret to Effective Blog Hub Pages

3145391821_f9d93e842d_zWhat we have to say in any conversation has always been the most important aspect of speaking or writing. Content is the heart of all writing. Content marketing is nothing new but it is becoming vital to your social media campaign. By developing a direction for your business, you can find new customers from the fans and friends of your present customers

The following is an excerpt from Socialmedia: Content marketing: How to get discovered in search |;

To get discovered online, you must create fresh content

Some highlights from the podcast:

• Don’t be put off by the term “content marketing.” The marketing landscape has evolved with the realization that all nonprofits and businesses are media entities now. If you have a business with an online presence, guess what? You’re a media publisher. For people to find you through search, you have to create content. The webinars I give for CharityHowTo cover search engine marketing in part and explain why keywords are critical to your nonprofit or business.

• Content comes in many forms, from blog posts and Facebook updates to Pinterest pins and Twitter tweets (I’ve never liked the term “micro-blogging” so won’t use it here).

Before you begin, start with identifying your business goals

• Don’t get hung up on crafting perfect content. Don’t get frozen by writer’s block. As my colleague John Haydon likes to say, Done beats perfect.

• Greg Jordan made an important point: Before you begin, start with identifying your business goals. Write them down, make them something that’s attainable, realistic and worth achieving. And measure them, little by little.

• I suggested trying to find individuals who represent your brand. Ask if they’d be willing to share their stories. Have someone inside your organization, or a contractor, come in and capture those stories on video, on audio or in text. By bringing your story down to the individual level, you make it universal.

• Greg reminded us that it’s not just about creating your own content. It’s about sharing others’ content and updates.

What would you add about storytelling or content marketing for businesses?

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